About Us

Many of today’s day spas are still designed around the traditional day spa concept of providing a full day of pampering. The vast majority of today’s spa goers, however, simply do not fit this mold. 90% of today’s spa goers are busy women who don’t have entire days to indulge themselves. Instead, they are simply trying to carve out a few hours. Although they welcome this respite from their hectic days, and pampering is part of this time out from their lives, first and foremost they are looking for a treatment that most effectively addresses their specific needs. The treatments offered in our Pinole spa are uniquely focused on providing products, procedures, and ingredients to achieve the goal of the treatment. We took nothing as accepted just because people have been doing it for years: Each step and ingredient of each treatment was painstakingly selected and tested for maximum results. We are beholden to no product vendors, meaning that the treatments are inherently ours and that we use many different brands in our treatments so that we can choose the products for each treatment that provide the best results for each of our clients. Our philosophy is simple: to seek out products that are exceptional in bringing about their desired effect, and offer these to our clients. This results in the shelves in our spa being stocked with many different brands, but rarely all of the product lines within each brand. Because we are not tied to two or three product vendors, and because each product has been specifically chosen for its effectiveness rather than the name on its label, our clients can shop with confidence.